Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Plan D

OK, I don't really know which plan letter this is. But I am once again thinking of a new blogging pattern. I'm thinking I'll [try to] post on this one every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. With my other blogs the current plan is "post whenever I have something to post," but I am trying to make this more regular. I have been making it regular to a degree, but not entirely.

I cannot tarry tonight, for I have a final exam tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Writing group went well tonight; I really enjoyed everything I heard. We even got to act out a play at one part. The bloke with the play, who goes to my school and had my Creative Writing class last year, had me play a dragon. Ironically, I also played a dragon in my own CW play. I love dragons, in case I never mentioned.

In fact, it was the love of dragons that inspired me to begin writing seriously long ago, back when I was ten. I always wanted to write an epic fantasy series, realizing years later that stand-alone novels are a better start. Maybe I'll write a series - someday. That could be fun. But I'd like to have a few things out there already. I still like epic fantasy, but prefer urban nowadays. I also like horror and science fiction. If I ever do write that epic thing, I'd like to combine genres. And make it really weird, as if I were on drugs. That sounds good.

My summer is semi-planned out, with a couple of camps (writing and acting) and hopefully guitar lessons. I shall continue piano as well. I'm wondering if there is a niche for epic rock? I made it up, but I hope it either exists or could potentially exist. Basically, as it sounds, it would be rock music combined with epic cinematic pieces. Guitars and choirs, maybe.

Just a thought.

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