Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Destination

I believe I may have mentioned this, but tomorrow I set flight for California. Never before have I been so far west; I have looked forward to going there since I was eleven or so. We are to go to San Francisco, Big Sir, Yosemite, and Monterrey. I hope to see the ocean sunfish at the Monterrey Bay Aquarium: I always wanted to.

There are a couple of wee issues arisen from this excursion: 1) I might not blog as frequently or on time, 2) I prefer not to bring library books across the country, even though they constitute much of my reading, and 3) I won't be able to attend a lot of the filming for the library. But I'll try to make the most of this. It's California! What could go wrong?

You just lost the game.


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