Monday, June 6, 2011

Movie Review: Alice in Wonderland (2010)

I enjoyed this movie a lot, but I would have done it in a slightly different way. I loved the world, the rhyming, the characters, etc. Beautiful visuals, too. I liked the way the Jabberwocky was not shown until near the end, just as I love the way the villain from Christopher Paolini'sInheritance book cycle has yet to make an appearance. I think that gives off an ominous aura of mystery, which is really cool. Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen was hilarious ("OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!"), as was Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. Of course, it was only semi-faithful to the books - yes, Through the Looking-Glass elements were present as well - but why would it be entirely so? As great as the books are, they lacked a modern plot, and the film would have been scorned for that.

The main part I didn't get was how the Red Queen controlled the Jabberwocky. It seems like the beast would be in charge. A blogger once stated that it was wrong for Alice not to tell her sister that the boy courting her sister kissed another girl, but I think others would have gotten onto Burton if she had told her. It's a situation where one cannot please all, so I took up the neutral position on it, meaning the what-can-you-do position.

I give this movie a B, because I overall loved it, but it wasn't perfect.


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