Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pensieve: The Party of the Prince

So yeah, I'm a Potter nerd. Shocking? Hardly, say I, but I do know myself pretty well. So I wasn't sure what to post, so I decided to share a memory (hence the pensieve).

When I was ten, my good friend Pam took me and her daughter and granddaughter to the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (the book). I was on summer break at the time, between fourth and fifth grade. I remember scrambling for a costume, and making an attempt at a Harry one (original!), and somehow won a prize for it: an Eldest CD with chapter one read by the author, followed by and interview with him (on the CD--I've never met Paolini, though I would love to, and my Aunt Kelly has). Now you see, this was around my "start a hundred books and finish none of them" phase, which I wish had never happened. But it did, and that's that. I saw a teacher from my elementary school there, although as she married that summer, I am not sure if she was Ms. Lee or Mrs. Hargett then.

I remember going to Barnes & Noble and having fun, then to the mall food court across the street, then to a store I had never known about: Quail Ridge Books & Music (for those of you who don't know, I go there pretty much every two weeks now for a writing group). Now sadly, I had not read the series yet, but when I did (when I was twelve), I loved them. I ought to reread them nowadays.

I also went to the Deathly Hallows one, but that was two years later, and I knew some more of you people then. For now, that's most of what I remember.

I solemnly swear I am up to no good,
Danny | Lewis | Harry

Monday, February 21, 2011

Two Book-Days

On Saturday, my dad took me to the library book blowout thing at the fairgrounds, and I spent ninety-one dollars of my own cash to get two cardboard boxes full of books. Isn't it funny how the cheaper things come, the more one spends? I got a few Stephen Kings (including an accidental two copies, as mentioned on my Facebook, of Dolores Claiborne); a lot of books by Dean Koontz (I've heard he's good); a couple of Anne Rices; several Dan Brown novels; John Varley's Mammoth (saw it at the store years ago and never got around to it); Offspring by Jack Ketchum; the third book of Jeff Shaara's World War II trilogy, titled No Less Than Victory; Martin's A Game of Thrones; a couple by Clive Barker; a book by Bernard Cornwell (who my friend Pam met); the original Dragonriders of Pern in one volume; some Ken Follett; and more. In short, I am a bit of a bookworm.

On Sunday (I'm writing this during the wee hours of Monday morning), I visited a closing Borders (a lot of them are closing, sadly) and bought (with my mother's money) roughly $250 worth of books. The first one I saw was rather cheap (book three of a series I have not yet started, titled The Dragon Heir--I later got the first two), and I contemplated going for The Vampire Archives, which is NOT a paranormal romance for the record, but decided it was too pricy. I should have gone for it, because I might as well have, with all the rest. I also got Little Brother by Cory Doctorow (who I met a little under a year ago); Stephen King's Under the Dome; The Book Thief; The Looking Glass Wars; Wizard's First Rule; Johnny Tremain; My Brother Sam is Dead; Paper Towns (need to read Green still); the first Cirque du Freak book; The House of the Scorpion; The Mammoth Book of the Best of Best New Horror; Flipped; Kaku's Beyond Einstein; and so on. I got a Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 poster and a "Down with the Capitol!" poster relating to The Hunger Games, which I had not started yet at that point, but figured, "If not now, then when?"

Overall, my mother and I spent a lot of dough, but it was well worth it. We went to Gypsy's Shiny Diner afterward and had a very filling burger meal, and while we had contemplated a movie, we were too stuffed by that point. When I got home I shelved my books, hence the huge amount of "Lewis W now owns _______" on my Shelfari account. All in all, it was a great two days. I must leave now.

Au revoir,

Friday, February 18, 2011

Winter: Now on Tumblr.

I am now on Tumblr. My account is here. I have a blog post on there, so this is only one of my online blog-journal-things. By the way, why is there a period after "Tumblr"? Curious.

Tomorrow is my good friend Hannah's birthday party; which should be fun. I believe there will be music, seeing as she asked us to bring instruments. Currently I only play piano, so I shall bring a largish keyboard over (she said I could!), but sometime she says she'll teach me guitar. I also want to learn some kind of "blowing" instrument (woodwind or brass), but I agree with what my Grandma Shannon says: It's probably too late in the game to join band. So I think I'll try to do it outside of school.

Speaking of music, Ezra is trying to set up a band for me, Hannah, and Olivia to play in. It was originally intended as a wrock (wizard rock) band, but we might do other things as well. I have written two Dumbledore-related songs so far, and am working on a third titled "Ode to Lemon Drops." But I think we'll do a variety of things, and most of all have fun. I think this will work out well.

I have to go see I Am Number Four now, but I'll try to post again soon.

Until then, farewell!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bronchitis and Stuff

Hey, I posted two days in a row! I feel so accomplished.

Yes indeed, I have bronchitis and pneumonia. I asked my mother if I was going to die, and she replied, "Someday." Ironically, my father had the same answer. I'm sure I'll survive (I always do, it seems), but it's not been pleasant. It hurt to breathe (it just tingles now), and I'd occasionally feel a quick stabbing pain in the chest.

Enough of those details: I should say that I had a rather nice Valentine's Day and ate plenty of chocolate and a super-sour candy called Warheads. I went on a long walk down some trail, and while I could see the distant backs of houses, I felt like I was nowhere near human civilization. Not only was I in the wild; I was on faery grounds. Call me childish, but I will take it as a compliment. It felt so surreal, so oneiric. I went on until I reached the highway they are building, at which point my mother called me to tell me to come home.

Today I returned to school and wrote (or rather, rewrote from memory) a piece of flash fiction that could pass for micro fiction in CW. I may be an aspiring novelist, but right now I only seem to be able to write small stuff. If it's not too much to say, however, I rather enjoyed writing it, and thought it was a good story. I might post it on my Figment (and yes, I use my real name on there), and my first CW story (currently titled "The Death of Love") is already up there.

So yes, I am not altogether well, but I am able to blog. =)

I need to do some stuff now, but comment or whatever!


Monday, February 14, 2011

All You Need is Love

“Don’t let hate control you. Let love control you.” – One of my friends in elementary school
“We hate hate. We hate it.” – Psychiatrist guy from Get Smart (the TV show)
“All you need is love!” – The Beatles

I’m writing this on MS Word, since last time I typed directly on Blogger it was deleted due to some stupid error. And yes, I stole the opening-with-a-quote thing from Olivia. First of all, I know it’s always a long time between posts. I keep saying I’ll try to make it more frequent, and not counting that last time (when my words went down the drain), I’ve done zilch. I wonder if I should make it a scheduled thing. Anyhow, here’s the point:

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! If you’re reading this, whether I know you or not, I love you. This is because I love all living things, and feel hate for none. In my eyes, hate does nothing but poison the world, and love is the cure. I’m not saying I love everyone equally; there are certain persons I dislike, but I still love them. I love different people to different extents, and in different ways: I have friends, family, and occasionally a friend who resembles family. I will accept a hug from practically anyone (as long as I trust them not to hurt me), including other dudes: I am straight, but I see nothing wrong with a guy-hug. And no, I am not homophobic: I don’t judge people for things like that. Remember, I love all!

I have had a couple of relationships in my life, but neither was very long-lived. I do hope to marry someday, and perhaps have a child (two at the most – too many people on Earth), but adopt more. That’s a long time from today, and for now, I am content with life as is.

In other news, I recently attended my first wrock concert and met Lauren Fairweather, Matt-something from the Whomping Willows, and both of the Blibbering Humdingers, who are apparently from my hometown. It was awesome! Crud; I just lost the game. Anyhow, I got autographs from all four of them, and spoke to each one. In addition to that, I bought I wizard rock—literally a stone with the word “wizard” painted on it.

I have more to say, but I’m going to try to fit it in another post, since this is supposed to be about love.