Monday, June 6, 2011

TV Review: Doctor Who: Season One (2005)

Yes, I'm still a newbie to this, but I loved this first epic, mind-bending season. Not sure which episode was my favorite, but maybe "Dalek." Those Daleks are just awesome. I enjoyed watching the world end, meeting Charles Dickens (Charlie Boy), the Slitheen, and those gargoyle-esque monsters which appeared in a paradox. Captain Jack Harkness was brilliant. Eccleston (and Tennant) are great actors; I should like to see their movies sometime.

Now on a critical scale: I found the idea of living plastic a bit odd, and was not sure where the display dummies got laser guns. It was a bit silly for a trashcan to belch after eating Mickey. Oh, and it seemed to happen too often in the beginning that they'd try to help an alien that turned out to be hostile.

Other than those things, I loved this season and look forward to the next. Started a spin-off earlier called Torchwood and it also seems good. BBC has some really cool programs, fromMonty Python's Flying Circus to Sherlock to the Whoverse. I have yet to see their versions of Narnia and Hitchhiker's Guide, but I hear the latter is good--better than the 2005 movie, which I heard sucked. BBC Narnia I know nothing of.

So a B to this season, almost an A.


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