Monday, June 13, 2011

First Volunteer Shift

In case I haven't mentioned in the past, I volunteered for two hours today at the West Regional Library. What I basically did this time was label and shelve books on hold. It really did not seem like two hours, because it was actually quite a bit of fun. Those of you who live in my area ought to visit WRL sometime; it's a great library.

I've thought about looking into library science as a career...not sure yet. I want to do something theatre-related, and maybe I could also be a librarian. It is said that library-folk oft have another job. I'm not sure what to study to be a playwright - creative writing? Theatre arts? I might also act, but perhaps as more of a hobby than as an actual career. The same goes for playing music.

I also might have mentioned my plans to move to Europe. They remain intact, although I'm not quite sure how the transition works. Brighton and Hove, in the United Kingdom, sounds like a gorgeous place to live. Who knows? I might even do something for BBC - creative people sometimes do many things, like Brian Jacques and Ray Bradbury. I'm starting to read scripts, currently Shakespeare's Othello, to get a feel for the craft. I read here that it takes at least ten years to become a good playwright, and I think I have that much time.

Maybe I'll do that now.


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