Friday, June 10, 2011

Plan L

Another late post. Oh look, it's raining; I only just noticed. Says something about my vigilance, does it not? I do love rain, though. My favorite weather. Second place belongs to snow.

I was speaking to my mother today about my future - I plan eventually to move to the United Kingdom (more specifically, Brighton and Hove, which is on the southern coast of England). I told her I wanted to become a librarian and she said that they make less than enough money to support themselves and that there might not "be a future" in the career. I hope that's not so - the latter, that is. I could work another job (such as theatre), but I don't want libraries to disappear. Not at all! I'm thinking of majoring in library science and in theatre arts, and minoring in creative writing. Not sure if I want  to act or manage the stage or write plays or what (hopefully all, though management is not a must), but theatre in general is becoming very appealing. Good thing I have camp in a month or so.

I do not require a large home; a flat or a cottage would do for me, stuffed with books and at least one cat. What can I say? I'm a cat person. I would like to either start or join a writers' conference.

I really must go now; goodnight.


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