Saturday, June 18, 2011


I do realize I did not post last night. I also realize how late this is tonight. I have no good excuse for last night other then that I forgot until it was after midnight. Tonight I was at a friend's house filming, or rather practice-filming, for the Rot & Ruin book trailer for our library. It's fun, as it involves plenty of sword action - I love swords. But my mother doesn't trust me with a real one. Hence, I have a wooden one and a plastic one. Someday I'll have real ones (although possibly with dulled edges); I especially fancy katanas and French rapiers. Maybe I ought to take a fencing class sometime, but oh! do I have so many things to do.

This friend has a really nice piece of land complete with horses. She also has a nice selection of books. What can I say? I love observing bookcases. Her mother is a fantastic cook who made us spaghetti and garlic bread, and the dad is nice too.

In case I have not mentioned, I have ridden horseback in the past. Mind you, it's been a while, but I have. I enjoy it greatly. I might be riding again soon, at long last, at Dead Broke Farm in Raleigh -  the place I first rode at. I'd ridden in the kiddie corrals before at parties and state fairs, but Dead Broke was the first place at which I really rode. I visited the place after years in November and they had Guinea-fowl and turkeys and chickens as well as a miniature horse.

Oh, I must go and record a YouTube video now if I can. Fare thee well!


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