Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Towel Day

For those of you not aware, today was Towel Day, in memory of the great Douglas Adams. I carried a plain white towel to school and back (I walked the long way home today), and realized it is indeed a useful piece of fabric: I can whip out at campaign posters for students who have lost my respect; wrap a  wand-stick (I had to improvise, for today was apparently also Harry Potter day); and shade myself from getting sunburn.

Of course I owe it to Hannah to acknowledge I didn't know about Towel Day before she told me, as not many people do. I saw one other person with a towel today, and heard a couple other people who had heard of it. How many people have heard of it? Not sure, maybe...forty-two? Nah, more than that, it's just a funny number (and a reference if you haven't read Adams). Any of you celebrate?

Don't Panic,

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