Saturday, July 2, 2011

California So Far

I am currently in San Francisco, City of the Golden Gates. Yesterday I saw my first wild sea lions and went through Chinatown, which had some awesome sword shops; today we visited Muir Woods and some lighthouse. The former was a lot less silent than it is supposed to be, what with the loud children passing through, but there were some really pretty redwoods. I took several photographs, which ought to speak for themselves if I can put them somewhere - maybe I ought to get an account on a photo-sharing site. We climbed these huge coastal crags covered in scrubby plant life and saw harbor seals at a distance. I like this state so far, other than the ridiculous traffic laws, and I might even consider living here someday. Maybe.

Anyhow, my computer is running really low on juice because the people who built the hotel didn't put in three-hole outlets.


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