Sunday, August 28, 2011

Movie Review: Inception (2010)

Now for another positive!

One friend of mine often calls this the best film ever made. I don't know, but I thought it was quite amazing. I only saw it once, and that was when it came out, but I'm now in love with Christopher Nolan as a director and writer. I have yet to see any Batman film, including his ones, and this movie bent my mind in ways you couldn't imagine if you haven't seen it.

A man called Cobb (played by the legendary Leonardo DiCaprio; forgot the character's first name) is lost in a world of dreams trying to rescue his wife from limbo. Cobb and his men go deep into dreams within dreams within dreams, etc., attempting to navigate the forever-shifting labyrinth of the human mind in order to get back home to reality. It's got some pretty amazing stuff, like the ground bending upward and cars upside-down overhead (still driving), and the hotel-hallway fight scene was also spectacular. I'm literally feeling a mental loss of gravity right now thinking about it.

The music was by soundtrack emperor Hans Zimmer, who scored Pirates of the Caribbean 2, 3, and 4, Nolan's Dark Knight (Batman) franchise, The Lion King, Sherlock Holmes (2009), and so on and so forth. I enjoy the famous "Inception Horn" (not sure if Zimmer composed that sound), and I should probably buy this movie's score on iTunes soon.

I also think "Leo" is a great actor, and Dileep Rao (the scientist guy) was in three movies I've seen - Drag Me to Hell, Avatar (blue people one, not airbenders), and this. Sam Worthington was in the dreadful Terminator Salvation, Avatar as well, and the newer Clash of the Titans. My question is, Where did they go afterward? I hope to see them again sometime.

Well then, I suppose that is all.

Final grade: A

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