Tuesday, August 16, 2011

In Which I Release my Inner Irishman

"Tailypo, tailypo, give me back my tailypo!" - An old Irish folk tale I heard in fourth grade

I'm Irish. I live in America, I was born in North Carolina and have always lived there, but I look Irish, sound Irish, and people often ask where I am from. I'm also Scottish-English-German, but those are other topics for now.

I suppose I fit a bit of a stereotype: I love potatoes and the color green, and ginger ale and corned beef (that is, i did while I still ate meat) - but I don't drink and fight, so don't worry. Even when I'm twenty-one or whatever, I don't plan on consuming alcohol. And I'm not a physical person in terms of conflict, although the concepts of fencing and stage-fight choreography fascinate me.

I want to go back to the old country. I went there at age four - my only foreign trip to date - but my memory is quite foggy about it - green fields, castles, sheep, and that's about it. I've seen pictures of countryside landscapes and old-fashioned Irish cottages, both of which are beautiful. Irish goats have long curvy horns, and Irish draught horses are strong and great. Not sure I'd want to live there, because of costs and such - maybe for a year or two, but not for long - I've thought about living in Europe for a year or so, but not sure which country - but visiting would be grand.

I feel a magnetic sort of pull, a homesick longing to see Ireland in all its glory, and it's on my priority list to visit when I get to traveling. That will probably be in or after college, as I don't see much hope for it now or in the next few years. One more thing: Irish/Celtic instrumental music is soothing and dreamlike, and I love it. The only things I can think of which come close to it are the Herb Moore Trio's music and Bruno Coulais's score to Coraline. Now I'm listening to "Lord of the Dance" - and yes, Irish dancing is fun.

- Lewis

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