Sunday, August 21, 2011


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People often ask now if I'm excited for the new school year. Sure. But eager? Well, not as eager as last time, but I suppose it will be fun. Mostly. I still have not received a list of supplies to get, which is frightening, and I despise the way they teach science in my county. I love science, just not in school. But I'll be taking English III - and I love English, in case you hadn't realized - and French I and II. French should be interesting; they probably won't actually teach us the language, more just a few snippets plus some culture and maybe history, but it ought to be fun anyhow. I'm taking the actual language on LiveMocha.

I'll get to see friends. Also unfriends - what I just now decided to call people who would be enemies but are simply not worth it. I find it better not to waste my time with scummy folk. But overall I'm going to welcome another year at Hogw--er, Cary High. It'll probably be over before I know it, seeing how fast these things go.

I need some tea, and the Chihuahua needs an oatmeal bath.

Au revoir,


  1. All you really need in terms of supplies are organizational tools (binders/folders), writing utensils, loads of notebook paper, and index cards. They don't bother sending lists anymore because it's really simple. Anything more specific you'll hear about at Open Campus on Tuesday.

    And they really do actually teach you the language. Spanish and French classes are more centered around conversational knowledge rather than reading and writing it (whereas Latin is all about the reading and writing), but that's kind of the point of learning a non-dead language.

  2. Latin is not dead - just dying. ;D

    And thanks, I was worried about the supplies thing.

    I plan to travel to France, and it is said they are nicer if you speak to them in their own tongue.

    What time is the Tuesday thing? I didn't get a memo.

  3. Well, it technically is dead. No one speaks it as their native language anymore. It's just used to study current languages and to read period works in the language in which they were written.

    Check the website- Thilman should have called your house a few times over the past two weeks.