Friday, September 16, 2011

In Which I, Winter, Draw Nearer

I rather love my Winterian persona. Very...wintry. Anyhow, I have a confession to make, other than its not being my real name: I did not coin it, but a generator website did. Hold your tomatoes, as it only said "Lewis M. Winter". I created the middle name Mason from that initial, and then I thought of my poet-name L.M. Winter.

But it can also be taken as a literal personification of the season. In some ways winter is my favorite; who doesn't love snow? I enjoy the moment the air begins to feel crisp - today it did, and I am looking forward to October. (Also I ought to be returning to Silent Forest, where I worked last year as a spooker.)

I call myself Young Man Winter often, although my actual father does not call himself Old Man Winter. Although I like the sound of Winter the Elder. If any believe I die during the warmer seasons, then think again: I merely endure. I am seldom dormant. I push through all things, winter and not, and while I may not live forever, the fact that I existed should. I don't mean to get into a discussion of Time-Space, but I do believe that nothing lasts forever, even gods, should they exist. All things perish, except for time - and perhaps even that.

Anyhow, this is one of those posts which I started, left, and came back to finish. I have to practice for my musical, so it is now that I take my leave.

Wishing you well,
L.M. Winter

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