Sunday, September 4, 2011

I'm in!

On Monday I auditioned for Applause!'s musical School House Rock - and I got it! This was my second time auditioning, my first being one I did not make it into (The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood). I suppose in this case the second time's the charm? I do not yet know who I am playing, but this was a great victory to me. It's just a matter of persistence, as with publishing. But once you're in, it's great because you can honestly say that you are. I look forward to the actual performing and all that precedes and proceeds it. And I'll meet new people.

Here are my dream roles:
  • Sweeney Todd or Judge Turpin
  • Sherlock Holmes or Moriarty
  • Dr. Victor Frankenstein or the Monster
  • Count Dracula or Abraham Van Helsing
  • Atticus Finch or Bob Ewell
  • Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde
  • The Mad Hatter or the Cheshire Cat
  • Grendel
  • Willy Wonka
  • Gandalf the Grey (The Hobbit)
  • The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
  • Quasimodo
  • Any sort of Nazi/SS officer
  • Mercutio Montague
  • President Coriolanus Snow
  • Emperor Palpatine
  • The Other Father (Coraline)
  • Iago (Othello)
  • Norman Bates
  • Macbeth. I said the word!
  • The modern major-general
  • Ben Mears or Mark Petrie, perhaps even Barlow or Straker, or Father Callahan (all so great)
  • Hades
  • ...And anything else I can get. Those are my top, though.
I've already played brave, brave Sir Robin - that was fun, although it was five and a half years ago. I do realize I have some double choices; such is not only a backup thing, but also because I have two favorite types of characters: creepy/scary villains and roguish rapscallions. I can be evil, but I can also be like my real self: a scoundrel. Some, such as Mr. Todd, are both. Others are also in there.

I actually did not sing for a long time due to a music teacher I had in elementary school - I am partly to blame of course, for letting her get to me, but I became very embarrassed to speak in musical notes for many years. Now I am making up for my years of sloth by catching up to things.

Also, in the matter of getting in, I think I must at long last polish something up to send off to a magazine. I'll probably be rejected, but persistence is key, no? Probably just a poem, as I still need to sort out my stories.

French I taught me that "adieu" is very final, as in funerals, so I'll just say
Au revoir! Bonjournee!


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