Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Herb Moore Trio

I might be the only one for miles around who knows about the Herb Moore Trio, or just Herb Moore as they are known on iTunes. They have three albums I know of: Dragon Dreams; H2O Overture; and Sophia's Garden, the last of which I am now listening to for the first time. I first discovered them when I was twelve, typing "dragon" on the computer at Barnes & Noble to see what I'd find in terms of music. I listened to samples of the first two tracks, and at some point in time asked if they had any in stock. It's out of print...but I found it on iTunes a year ago or so. Score one for Apple!

Herb Moore is very calming instrumental jazz which gives one a peaceful, calm feeling of ease. A bit like Zen or Celtic music. It's really great music, perfect for falling asleep or meditating. It's hard to describe, but it makes me feel lost in time - you know? Like my troubles are washed away. Oneiric is a word I like, but not a common term; it's not even recognized as a word on here. These pieces are oneiric. And they make me feel nostalgic too, for reasons hard to pin onto the screen.

Herb Moore is not well known - I could not find them on YouTube - but I recommend you look into them on iTunes if interested, or perhaps order a used CD online.

Peace to you all,

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