Sunday, April 3, 2011

Right and Wrong Opinions

About a year back, when Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland came out, Emily R posted on Facebook about what an awesome movie it was (which it was). Ezra said something along the lines of "No it is not, but I respect your opinion, no matter how wrong it may be." Laugh I did (he is a funny guy when his jokes make sense), but it got me thinking: Can an opinion be wrong?

If I am correct about opinions, yes. Not that one, of course. No. But say (I use a lot of analogies) there is a hippo and my opinion is that it is a rhinoceros. I may think that, but facts are facts. It's different if one says "Roses are beautiful" or "Fish sticks are nasty!" (both true, ha). It's to do with elementary fact-and-opinion reasoning. I'm not altogether sure about the whole factual thinking part (getting facts wrong), about whether those count as opinions. But another thing I'll mention is ill-founded opinions (I believe I have mentioned them) - when someone forms judgment without proper evidence. In other words, haste (hastiness?). Take the aforementioned hippopotamus. I have friends - very good ones - who could argue until purple-faced that it was a rhino, and not produce a shred of proof. Humans hate being wrong, I guess. Not excluding myself: I can certainly be wrong, but I am more cautious about not assuming stuff and getting my facts straight, etc.

Moreover, you should see here that I  stated I've been told different things about what is and isn't an opinion. I try to be as careful as I can (Treebeard comes to mind). So most of the time when someone is dead certain they've caught me jumping to conclusions, his or her (opinion?) is wrong.

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  1. Actually, it depends on what kind of proof you want when it comes to the hippo. If you want scientific proof, no we can't provide you with that. But we can back it up with observations of the rhino's behavior, or things we know about both hippos and rhinos. If I think something's a rhino, I'm going to have reasons why I think it is, or else I would agree that it is indeed a hippo.

  2. Crap, I forgot to mention the DNA/genes part of that! xD