Friday, April 29, 2011

Fame Famine on Friday

Since it's Friday, I couldn't escape people singing Rebecca Black's horrendous song "Friday" at school, which brings up an interesting point: Is it worth being well-known if nobody likes you? Apparently Mark David Chapman thought so; in murdering the beloved John Lennon, he sought to inherit John's fame. He gained infamy. Personally, I'd rather stay unknown than be frowned on by the universe.

It seems that some are so starved for a little attention, they'll draw it in a negative fashion. To them, negative attention is better than no attention. I disagree.

In other news, I may start noveling again soon. I have an outline for Creative Writing, and I plan to use it soon. Just need to edit this short story.... I'm apparently going to California this summer instead of uber-expensive Europe, which will be nice. Never been that far west before. Right now I'm considering fiction editing as a career. It looks good so far, but the screenwriting thing, according to Alex Sokoloff's blog, requires one to live in  Los Angeles. It might be a good town, but I don't know if I want to move there. Who knows? Only time will tell. I've been watching Doctor Who a bit more lately, and recently heard from a friend that the old seasons can be found at my local mall. Yes!! I'll have to look into that.

Time to wrap up now.

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