Friday, April 1, 2011

Pet Peeves

It seems that writers often have pet peeves that come from no logical place, and I would like to discover my own. For example, Tom Monteleone is fine with the word "writer" but not "author." OK. Emily R does not like the phrase "thinking outside of the box," which is understandable as it is overused. My Creative Writing teacher Mr. Nantz does not like the word "flow" when describing writing. And check out The Spring Grinch here!

What I'm saying is, a lot of us seem to dislike things irrationally, and I wonder at that. I never lie, but I tell April Fool's jokes sometimes - THERE IS A DIFFERENCE. It's just like saying "Just kidding!" - as long as the joke hurts no one, there is no cause to get upset about it. She mentions in there some exceptions, but I do not do that. And I rather don't like being caught off guard when people dislike something and I have no way of knowing. Granted, I have many holidays I like better, but anything can be used badly. So why blame April 1?

Also, I finally got a guitar today. I cannot wait to learn how to play! It's been bloody long enough. I have a lot of stuff to do; my life is behind schedule.



  1. See, I don't mind when it's obvious that it's a joke. When people say "just kidding" and such. It's when they act like it's all true until the day after that I hate.
    I would argue that such jokes _do_ hurt people-- even if I figure it out, some people really do fall for it, and knowingly allowing them to believe something other than the truth is doing them a disservice.

  2. Mhm. And the premise of the day encourages it.

  3. How so? A hammer is good for both building houses and braining people. Doesn't mean it is meant for the latter. Are you saying that April 1 is MEANT to be bad????

  4. The holiday didn't necessarily begin that way, but now since most people take it to be that way, it amounts to the same thing.

  5. True, I agree. It seems to have been twisted.