Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm Not Applauding!

There's this acting program (I believe it is called Applause! Cary Youth Theatre), and while they put on good shows, they seem not to want anyone to see it. Sure, they probably let people come to it, if those people can actually find where the deuce it is. But once it's over, it's over: no recordings, no encores, no nothing. I did enjoy Dracula, but I would have liked to be in it another time. The problem is, they do not bring back old plays. EVER. Not only is it unjust; it is also illogical. If they only perform old, classic-novel adaptations, then they will run out eventually. And I - or someone similar - will overtake them.

Don't point at me for trying to join - I still am - for it might be fun. It has upsides. And I would not have made this post if Pam (an old friend) had not told me that Kendra (her granddaughter) tried to get in, but could not. Apparently they use the same exact actors over and over. I like Johnny Depp, but if he was in every dag-blasted movie on the planet, I'd be sickened. And I'm not harping on them for giving actors multiple opportunities. No, I'm saying that I hear they rarely use any new actors.

I have a friend at the moment who was in Dracula and, more recently, The Little Prince. I wanted to see it! This friend claimed to have told me the information, and later admitted that he put it on his Facebook and expected me to find it there. I asked if they made recordings (for they did with a non-Applause! play, Alice in Wonderland), and he said the writers don't like people watching the recordings. So.... If they call themselves writers, and writing is an art, making them "artists," then why not let anyone see their masterpiece? Not a good way to gain favor.

I am going by trustworthy sources. I have not directly spoken to these people, but that's part of the problem. It's like trying to catch smoke. I have some inside friends, who try to defend this and other groups (Honours Society, other acting places, et cetera) and do a crappy job, meaning that they say it's good, but describe it differently. I would leave them to rot if it weren't for my greatest allies being in them. Another thing is the whole "You must be homeschooled to join, 'cause they're better than everyone else" joke, which I understand parts of. But the thing is this: Honours Society is said to be full of religious nuts who don't want to be marauded by kids who have been taught about evolution. Whether I support Darwin's theory or not (I do), I'm not the one teaching it.

Sorry to blow off so much steam, but I think I need to. I love my friends to death, but I feel separated from them. That's my point: separation. If people didn't shut ourselves off from each other, then they'd be happier. I think humanity is bound for warfare until its demise. I'm not generally a downer, but it's true.

Anyhow, I need to read.


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