Sunday, January 22, 2012

Velut Luna, Statu Variabilis, or, The Wheel Turns

"O Fortuna / Velut luna / Statu variabilis / Semper crescis / Aut decrescis...." - Carl Orff, "O Fortuna" from Carmina Burana (translates from Latin to say "O Fortune / Like the moon / With its many changing phases / Always waxing / And waning / Hateful life....")

"Nobody wins a war." - A friend from elementary school. I first read this quote by him in fifth grade. Incidentally, between seventh and eighth grade, he introduced me to the writer Stephen King, who is mentioned in this post. I haven't seen this chap in a good while, but I sometimes talk to him on Facebook. Anyhow, on with blogging!


More emphasis on the fact that life goes on and on, like the wheel of ka (Dark Tower reference, sorry) - although I believe I mentioned in the long-ago post "Into the Jaws of [Almost] Certain Failure" that I had a tarot reading. I only briefly mentioned it then, and this will probably not be intensely detailed (I'm not John Tolkien, after all, and besides, my memory is far worse than it once was [bloody pills!]), I will relate one thing the lady said. I cannot actually remember what she called them - turns? phases? - but she said I was coming to the end of what was basically a chapter of my life. Of course, my life would likely be a long series of volumes, each with several "parts" and "chapters" and maybe even numeral dividers such as the ones sometimes used by Stephen King.

In fact I actually was coming to the end of a phase (I don't doubt the existence of energies) - one that did not altogether end well, but I was nonetheless relieved. One cannot win every battle, what, what?

I'm through with my finals, but a new semester begins tomorrow. Not quite a turn/phase - school terms are separate from those of life itself - but it signifies my drawing ever closer to an escape from this volume of life and toward that of college and hopefully freedom. At the moment I'm thinking to become a teacher or a professor - or perhaps a freelancer - and I'll be free to travel the world at my own leisure. Most European countries sound so lovely - I feel like Lennie from Of Mice and Men talking about "them rabbits" - and as soon as I am able to flee, I shall be free like a bird, or a horse...or a mix of both: a hippogriff.

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