Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I finished up my finals early today. Here marks a bit of the wee gap betwixt French I and II. First I'll relate what happened in between:

  • I read a good bit of The Fault in our Stars and talked to a couple of dear friends via instant message and email.
  • I had an audition for Applause!'s Jason and the Argonuts (yes, I'm sure I spelled it right), which was fun. The director is new to me, the third Applause! director I've auditioned for (out of three auditions, ha). She did seem really nice, I'll say. I'm rather optimistic about the whole thing: if I get in then I shall gain acting experience, and if not, I'll have time for things such as fencing, hapkido, or art classes. So I should be pleased either way. While I'm on the subject of Applause!, yesterday I walked to the outdoor amphitheater on which many previous plays were performed. I miss seeing them there, despite the new indoor theatre being nice, and I even wish I had gotten to perform on it. Ah, I at least got to stand there and act like an actor - not being pretentious, but pretending to be. (Note: I felt bad for Dracula's brides in the late October weather of 2009, having to wear arm-bearing dresses; must have been quite chilly, wot.)
  • I went to the first writer's group of the year, seeing my beloved friends after quite a bit of time - so it would seem - and there was no moderator, oddly enough. My mum sat in as a "chaperon" as we read our pieces - mine was intentionally stuffed to the brim with lame puns, which I feel self-conscious about despite its stupidity being intentional. But we had some very awesome work read tonight.
  • I got home and began taking German lessons on Livemocha.
Indeed! Guten abend. Some will say that German is an angry language; I would counter that they have not heard it spoken well: it's beautiful to me. In fact, I'd like to go to Germany sometime: there and other Deutsche-speaking nations will be good practice ground, I think. Well, it's late, and I'd better hit the hay soon (which by no means limits me to actually doing so).

Bonne nuit! Guten nacht!
- Lewis

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