Monday, January 16, 2012

Meeting the Vlogbrothers

Ye deities would hope you all (or you most) know about John Green and his brother Hank Green. If not, look them up!!!

I met them on Saturday night. In person. I got a few pictures, but I have not uploaded them yet. But it was very exciting and I was called on during the "questions" bit. When I finally stepped up to meet the brothers near the end, it was amazing being so close to such legends. Sorry to sound boastful; I am merely excited. They signed a few things each for each "meeter" and my copy of John's new novel The Fault in Our Stars, as well as my copy of Hank's album Ellen Hardcastle, marked "DFtbA" (Don't Forget to be Awesome).

I actually need to be somewhere soon, but I felt this was worth a post, even if it's not quite fresh in the ol' noggin. I love you all!


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