Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Library Update

So in case I did not mention before, I am part of a library book club now (my second meeting was on Friday). On the first meeting, four weeks prior to that, we were notified of a contest: Make a video to promote our library and potentially win said library three million dollars. Some friends and I, including Hannah, decided to make one and we became finalists. Unfortunately, we need to pay the artist of the music we used in order to keep it, but I'm sure it will be fine. Even if we do not succeed, we had fun, yes?

Speaking of libraries, I am thinking to become a librarian as well as editor (waffle-waffle, I'm told I can do both). But on the screenplay side, is it true I have to move to Los Angeles? If I have to I might try part time; I do like NC. On Saturday I had my first behind-the-wheel training, and later helped paint sets for the upcoming Robin Hood play. I had fun, and I need to apply for that acting camp soon...and the writing one. I must try for Drama Club next year in order to hone my theatrical skills, for I am an artician: artist, actor, writer, musician, etc.

Got to the episode "Dalek" in Doctor Who. I like the Dalek a lot, and must watch more soon. I am reading a book for Printz (the book club mentioned earlier) called The Floating Islands by Rachel Neumeier, which is proving good so far. Up next is Rot and Ruin.


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