Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thoughts About Drivers' Ed

Indeed I have been pondering it for over a year (almost two), but now I've decided to stop pushing it off; many of my friends and otherwise acquaintances are taking/have taken it. I always had the same primary reason: too busy. But I suppose that's always the case with me. I'm a busy guy for the most part, being a writer and whatnot. But if I'm going to take it, I might as well take it soon. I'm thinking of asking my C.A. teachers as soon as I get back from my holiday.

Other worries include the fact that auto-wrecks are a leading cause of teen death. I'll be careful...hopefully careful enough. I hear the lessons are super boring as well? I, for the most part, am not easily bored, but maybe I'll sneak a couple of books in just in case. I'm talking to Hannah, and she says it's not so bad (though she also says she wrote poems and stuff in there).

In other news, it is now New Year's Eve! A few hours ago (on New Year's Eve's Eve), Mother, Caroline, and I went to go see RED. It was exciting and funny almost simultaneously, and therefore awesome. For the first time in a while, I wrote an entire story by hand the other day. My computer was not working, but I didn't let that stop me. It needs some work, I'd say, but the idea of it intrigues me. Don't we all love things that fascinate us? I'm going to write more of my current novel now.

To all a good night,

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