Saturday, December 11, 2010

On Nostalgia

I was just playing a game from my childhood (Frogger 3D). I really don't play that many games, but this reminds me of when I was seven or eight. It's actually quite fun, and has a great soundtrack (which I listen to separately, seeing as it won't work on the actual game). My point is, I feel young(er) again. If I hadn't played this as a child, I might not be playing it now. I had it when I was little, but I don't remember what happened to the CD. Then we repurchased it, and played for a while, until it mysteriously disappeared. Even now we're not sure what happened to it. But a few months ago, we decided to look for it online, and found it!

But one of my sisters said that as much as she wanted to play it, she did not want to ruin the memories. I knew what she meant: If you resurrect a childhood treasure, will it hold the same value? It may not seem quite as awesome to some, but I feel the same joy guiding Frogger around to the other frogs. I suppose it depends ultimately on the person. I remember reading Magic Treehouse as a kid, and though they are for young audiences, I just might return to them. Speaking of those, I met the author, Mary Pope Osborne, earlier this year. She is SO nice. Now, I shall post a link to my favorite Frogger theme. It was a tough decision, since they are all so awesome, but this one makes me feel dreamy and nostalgic.

Random notes: I'm almost done reading Neil Gaiman's Smoke and Mirrors. I'll post a review, I suppose, when I do finish. It's excellent so far. ~ I'm thinking of rereading Harry Potter (did I say that already?). I plan to write an epic series someday, but for now I write one-part works. ~ Did some Christmas shopping today. I always enjoy that, although I generally run off to buy something separately, in case the person I'm with sees me with anything. ~ Does anyone else hoard old letters, cards, etc.? I keep them in a box--one I just moved them into yesterday evening because the original box split open from being so full. ~ If you, Olivia, are reading this, I just got past page 100 of Clockwork. Sorry it's taking me so long! In any case, it's excellent so far. ~ If one can find rocks and clean them, one need not buy bookends and paperweights--unless they're cool enough.

Au revoir! (What language is that? It sounds French.)

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