Monday, November 28, 2011

Lunch Post II: The Bloggering

Brevity is of the essence; I must go to third period soon. I merely wish to comment on my own foolishness regarding blogging: I write a good deal of posts, but read far fewer than I ought to. This is an apology to all you bloggers who I follow but whom I have neglected to read. I am working on it. The same applies to literature, because one must observe the art as one engages in it. I'm reading more scripts now (currently Pamela Pettler's script to the film 9) and I am also reading posts by both people I know personally and those I don't. I have known people who don't want to read and (gods help them) don't like to read - and consider themselves writers. Stephen King gave a funny speech at Yale about that. I might post it later, depending on stuff.

I must away!

Happy blog reading and/or writing,

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