Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bronchitis and Stuff

Hey, I posted two days in a row! I feel so accomplished.

Yes indeed, I have bronchitis and pneumonia. I asked my mother if I was going to die, and she replied, "Someday." Ironically, my father had the same answer. I'm sure I'll survive (I always do, it seems), but it's not been pleasant. It hurt to breathe (it just tingles now), and I'd occasionally feel a quick stabbing pain in the chest.

Enough of those details: I should say that I had a rather nice Valentine's Day and ate plenty of chocolate and a super-sour candy called Warheads. I went on a long walk down some trail, and while I could see the distant backs of houses, I felt like I was nowhere near human civilization. Not only was I in the wild; I was on faery grounds. Call me childish, but I will take it as a compliment. It felt so surreal, so oneiric. I went on until I reached the highway they are building, at which point my mother called me to tell me to come home.

Today I returned to school and wrote (or rather, rewrote from memory) a piece of flash fiction that could pass for micro fiction in CW. I may be an aspiring novelist, but right now I only seem to be able to write small stuff. If it's not too much to say, however, I rather enjoyed writing it, and thought it was a good story. I might post it on my Figment (and yes, I use my real name on there), and my first CW story (currently titled "The Death of Love") is already up there.

So yes, I am not altogether well, but I am able to blog. =)

I need to do some stuff now, but comment or whatever!



  1. HA. Your CW stories are undoubtedly WAY less strange than mine.
    My first one was about stuffed animals creating realistic-looking toilet contents. They tried flushing peanut butter truffles...and it didn't go so well, so they had to cover it up.

  2. That IS odd! I shall attempt to make mine stranger. ;)