Sunday, October 10, 2010

English Journal #1 - Utopian Society

In all of the books we will read this semester, all of them contain the theme of a utopian society. What in your opinion are the characteristics of a perfect utopian society?


First of all, I would like to address the matter that each individual has his or her own concept of a perfect world. As commonly stated, "If you try to please all, then you will please none." My world and yours are as different from one another as they are from any other. Humans are seldom, if ever, satisfied with perfection. Such is our nature.
My utopia would be be, at least in part, an oneiric and hauntingly nostalgic abode littered with bookshops and Key-lime soda fountains. Each said bookshop would be unique: one location might have a store cat, another a second-story balcony from which to watch the sunset, and yet another might sport marble pillars. Classics would boast leather covers with silver or gold lettering. I would live in a large brick house with a family of my own and several pets. These animals would include cats, dogs, rats, mantises, fishes and other aquatic animals, frogs, scorpions, millipedes, tarantulas, beetles, chameleons, pythons, corn snakes, turtles, tortoises, exotic birds, and crows, as well as a horse range and a goat and cow in front to keep the grass short. You can tell I'd run a mini-menagerie, and seeing as it's my world, I would even keep crocodiles. I would ride horseback as opposed to driving and dragons, giant eagles, or gryphons for aerial journeys. I would make a living by writing poems, novels, short stories, plays, screenplays, essays, journal entries, blog posts, and book reviews.
My utopia would be a peculiar one--one bizarre creatures and settings, such as signposts with faces, a sky below the ground, and doors leading to different time periods. There would be angels in the sky and serpents beneath the ocean's frothing waves. My mind would weave reality itself as seen fit. Life would be a dreamscape.
My home would have three stories (excluding the basement) and a large backyard with a stream. The house would feature at least one study piled high with books, maps and globes, astronomical instruments, perhaps a bust or two, and a large desk to sit at. In the foyer would be a stone fountain and a good-sized tank housing sharks, rays, and eels. A garden would reside at one side of my house: one containing flowers, trees, shrubs, rocks, and a koi pond. Since I am a fantasy lover, I would keep an armory with different makes of sword, shield, and other things of assault and defense.
You mustn't think I intend harm; the armory and archery range are purely for display and enjoyment. Peace would be abundant. Hate and war would be things of fiction. There would be no judgment, prejudice, or stereotypes of any sort. Love and kindness would always come first.
All things, living and inanimate, would retain the ability to communicate. Intellect and wit would be valued over strength. My favorite books would forever remain in print. I would meet many famous persons, alive or deceased on Earth. However, I would not wish to be all-knowing; I like mysteries. I would never run out of ideas for stories, but always have few enough at a time to write. These are among my utopian visions.

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