Monday, July 16, 2012

White Tiger Hapkido: Day One

"As much courage as it takes to slay dragons, it takes even more courage to spare them." - Me (not sure if  it's phrased right; does it make sense? I'm still working on it.)

Today I had my first martial arts lesson. Ever. In the past I've intended it but never actually come around to it. Well, today I did and I had a blast.

The place is an indoor facility with a beautiful koi pond between the locker rooms and the area in which we do our exercises. The masters (teachers) are quite nice, and one of them told me today I ought to learn a bit of the Korean language in order to better understand certain aspects of the art of hapkido. That ought to be interesting. For those of you who do not know, hapkido is basically an art of self-defense which focuses on defending but not attacking, as it is to be used for benevolent purposes. Then again, one might want to Google it for a better explanation; I am quite a novice at the moment. Still, I enjoyed my first lesson and look forward to more of them.

On an unrelated note, I recently got rid of much of the useless junk in my bedroom, and it feels so nice, so simple, to live in a cleaner environment. This is how I intend to live, hopefully for good. It's just so much easier. Now I must check to see if that stubborn Chihuahua, Mr. Coco, feels like going for a little walk now (he fled me before, the little booger).


  1. It makes sense to me (the dragon thing)..Never been interested in martial arts..good exercise..I'm not agile enough to even think about it...I had to laugh at the comment that you put on my blog today (speaking of agility).That bench that you want to sit on to read is a childs bench..Only a foot off the ground...I'd never get up..Yes, I do take the pictures and then try to figure out what I want to say about them...Thanks for stopping by..

  2. Yep, any time. You have a nice blog, I must say. Oh, apparently I could not tell the size of the bench, huh? Well, I suppose it'd be fun for young children. :) And I respect your disinterest. Nobody likes everything; such is literally impossible.

    -- Danny

  3. @Missy Also, I'm glad the self-quote made sense! I always thought that it was a lot braver to spare one's adversaries than to end their lives. Hopefully I am not the only one!

  4. It's also a lot easier to spare ones adversaries..I hope Coco got that walk..How are/is the Martial Arts going?? I'd love to see the Koi pond although I've always considered them the "bullies" of the pond fish world.

  5. True about the sparing, if they are not the back-stabbing sort. A little honor never hurt, friend or foe - some of my earlier posts talk about the difference in literary/cinematic/theatrical villains, between being on the other "side" and being actually "evil," i.e. unethical, underhanded, dishonest, cowardly etc. Ah, I've never seen koi bully, but then I've not observed their behavior a great deal. Coco got a few walks in - I can't remember now if he got that one, as he sometimes goes under the bed and snaps at anyone who tries to lure him out, little booger - but he has walked since this was posted.

    As for how Martial Arts goes, I have my second lesson tomorrow at noon, but this one went splendidly well.

    How are your little furry pets?