Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Last Boy in the Library

Tonight, at the library at which my Printz book club meets, our awesome YA librarian and some others arranged a "Zombie Night" and a "Vampire Night." Next week comes Nosferatu (1922), but this time we watched The Last Man on Earth, starring Vincent Price. It was a very interesting movie, although the "zombies" were apparently vampires with qualities of both monsters. When I first saw the 2007 film I Am Legend (a remake: both of these, as well as the 1971 film The Omega Man, are based on a novel by Richard Matheson), I also thought that the vampires were zombies. It was interesting that vampirism was here a biological infection rather than a demonic curse. More scifi than magic here.

And darn, I need to read Mr. Matheson's book! I believe he also wrote the short story "Mobius," which I did read. Mind blown right there, with the twist at the end of said short story.

In any case, I'd like to thank the librarians and whomever else needs thanking, for I had a very good time.

On the topic of librar-related things, I checked out several things today, mostly graphic novels this time. This includes a couple of Batman things (my first time! - go ahead and shoot me) and the fourth volume of Neil Gaiman's SANDMAN series.

Life is currently good. Oh, and as for the post's title, I was one of the last people to leave after the official closing times. Librarians and I love to chat.


  1. I used to know my way around a library..Long time ago..Glad you had fun with the vampires and ghoulies..things that go bump in the night...

  2. I just went back to an old post and saw that you commented on my comment..We're going to have to find a better way...I won't always remember to go back to old posts..I wouldn't want to miss anything:)

  3. Very true! Are you unable to comment on your own blog, then?

  4. Yes, I can.but then you would have to check back just as I would have to check back to yours...I just changed my settings so that I get an email every time there is a comment..I should be able to reply to that..The problem comes when you reply on your blog, I don't know it and don't check back until you post something new...Then, normally, I would only check your new post...

  5. I see. I still need to figure out the email thing, so I don't have to come here every time unless there's an actual comment.

    Also, thank you for the following and comments! It means I am able to attract watchers other than my real-life acquaintances. :) And I didn't get many comments before, so thank you.

  6. If you go in to your settings .. under comments (I think)..There's a place where you can arrange to have all comments on your posts sent to your email..