Friday, December 30, 2011

Too Long!

I am currently in Chicago, Illinois. This is our traditional winter-vacation spot, and to be quite frank, I'm ready to leave. I enjoy some of the more intellectual attractions and whatnot. The pizza is awesome. They sell key lime soda, which I cannot access at home. But in the end, I long to be in my hometown. I plan to travel long and well someday, but for now I have my temporary roots. I enjoyed my time away, but I eagerly await tomorrow's flight back. I miss my family's pets and properties, as well as some of what surrounds them. All in all, I sometimes feel like a fledgling bird on the mast of a sinking ship. Before this ridiculous situation gets too much more out of hand, I'll fly away. Maybe I'll occasionally visit the wreck, but I'll make brief work of it and keep in touch with my friends. Modern technology ought to help with that.

But still, the question is posed: are roots good? As usual, my answer is not a black-and-white one. I think it is good to put down roots in making friends, but material things such as houses and vehicles, as well as other possessions, should be guarded against attachment. Sure, one would be upset if something was stolen or lost. Yet despair would be the incorrect response in my eyes. Get over it. I think it's OK to have roots, especially in friendship, as long as one is able to pull them up if needed. I've had to do it.

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