Saturday, March 17, 2012

Two Musicians and Two Writers

Last night I was tired after a long Elton John concert (yes, live!) and neglected to write this post then. But he was amazing! He had a glass of water but only drank from it every so often, sang song after song without respite, and happens to be in his sixties, according to my mum. I actually found that I did not know most of his songs - and didn't understand most of the lyrics due to the screaming fans - but every single one was great. Near the end he played "Daniel" (my real name happens to be Daniel) and the last song was my personal favorite: "Crocodile Rock." He even paused to let the audience sing "Naaaaaaaaaaaa, nananana-naaaaaa!"

That song is just beautiful. Makes me want to cry. The accompanying band was also great and included the relatively new Two Cellos (that's what I think they were called). I love Elton.

The second musician is still on the rise, I think: Adrian von Ziegler. If you're into Celtic instrumental (I am), or Gothic metal, he has those and more. Speaking of Celts, happy Saint Patty's Day!!!

Today I had lunch with the YA authors Ally Carter and Rachel Hawkins. Both brilliant, funny, very nice persons. It was nothing short of a privilege. Now to read their books! I still need to do so.

I think my mother is cooking potatoes now. Bye!

--- Lewis / Daniel

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