Monday, February 13, 2012

But They Had a Bad Day!

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody." - Bill Cosby


Often, when a person is rude for no apparent reason, the reason ends up being that the person had a bad day, or something of sorts. That may float certain boats, but I think it's a poppycock excuse for poor social conduct. If I were an adult and had a no-show day for a corporate job, would my boss take "I had a bad day" for an excuse? If I have to go to a funeral, that is one thing; but simply not feeling like being decent enough to show up to work or to be sincere to peers is a crappy reason if I ever heard one. What if Barack Obama did not show up for a war council (or whatever) because he mentally didn't feel like it? Precisely!

Part of this, I think, is what many people seem to feel: the need to be dramatic. I'm rather certain a lot of people do it because they can, expecting me to shrug it off and say, "Oh, it's OK." I may be a bit of a bottler, but I would agree that if feelings come out, they must do so in a nonexplosive manner. Channeling is the best way, and whoever accuses the output of appropriate channeling of being "dark" or what-have-you ought to be ignored, because people like that will always exist.

Anyhow, I need my tea. I might come on later....

--- Lewis

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