Thursday, November 18, 2010


News seems to be floating around concerning Nooks, Kindles, and such. I rejected the idea for a long time, seeing as I preferred physically bound books, but a shelf can only hold so many. I am an addict, and my drug of choice is literature. I buy way more than I have time to read (thank goodness for "used" stores!), and a storage system would be nice. Plus, I hear books are cheaper on there? It's starting to not sound so bad to me. I shan't waste my shelves, however; they may well become stocked with encyclopedic volumes on things that interest me. I might make a video to show off my books before saying farewell. Ah! This all sounds so final. It is not. I am merely pondering the eventual outcome of what may yet happen.

Random notes: HARRY POTTER!!!!! SO FRICKIN' EXCITED!!!!!!!!! ~ Finished Night by Elie Wiesel today. It was quite a shocking story, especially considering its truth. ~ That reminds me, I might post a link to my Shelfari on my main page. ~ I'm glad the Beatles are now on iTunes. I might save up my credits to buy their Box Set--it's $149.


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